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Tribrids, the next generation of alternative fuel vehicles! is dedicated to the promotion of automotive design that goes beyond both traditional and the more recent hybrid-powered “ICE” vehicles (meaning those vehicles which are ultimately powered solely by Internal Combustion Engines). 
At a minimum, a Tribrid vehicle must be able to refuel at least in part using “free energy” taken from the environment.

There are currently no practical Tribrid vehicles for sale to the general public. A handful of electric vehicles do exist that are at least capable of accepting some form of free energy, but to date they all lack the range and  conveniences that consumers have come to enjoy (or at least are willing to pay for, both financially and environmentally) in their ICE vehicles.
Perhaps the most promising “Tribird” on the horizon is the Chevrolet Volt:  A fully equipped battery-powered electric vehicle with anxiety-relieving range-extending back-up power coming from either a liquid-fuel generator or a fuel cell.  As currently envisioned the Volt will not be factory equipped with on-board solar arrays.  However, its batteries will be rechargeable using normal household current, thus allowing it to immediately (even if unwittingly!) accept energy generated by the sun, wind, tides, etc.     

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