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Tribrid Vehicles...What are they?
The word tribrid is rapidly growing in usage, generally always implying the next step in science and technology beyond previous dual or hybrid approaches. For example, in the breeding of plants and animals, tribrids are most often crossbreeds between purebreds and hybrid varieties. In the information sciences world, tribrid job skills involve at least three (and sometimes more) different systems and/or disciplines. Tribrid CDs are proprietary recording devices with three distinct playback capabilities. Additionally, there are advanced third generation tribrid gun barrels and even tribrid (three-chemical) rocket fuels, just to mention a few more of the current applications of this term. As the development of alternatively powered vehicles moves forward, the time has come to recognize that what we are currently seeing in the automobile companies R&D labs represents a significant step beyond the hybrid vehicles that first began to appear on our roadways only a year or two ago. The proposed power systems for these new tribrid vehicles clearly offer the next step in the ongoing effort to develop practical, highly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Tribrid vehicles will soon take their place in line behind the original, battery-powered electric vehicles and the far more recent hybrid (gas/electric) powered approaches. What sets these new tribrid vehicles apart from their predecessors is their ability to capture, store and/or utilize the freely available energy present in the local environment in which they operate.

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